This is the visit of the Real Madrid stadium in the Santiago Bernabeu Tour


Panoramic view of the stadium at the Tour del Bernabeu in Madrid

If you are a football fan, and also the Real Madrid It's your favorite club, the visit to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, at Paseo de la Castellana, it must be an obligatory stage in your trip to Madrid.

He Real Madrid offers football fans the chance to do the Bernabeu Stadium Tour, a visit which allows you not only to be amazed by the enormous dimensions of this soccer field, but also to know its interiors.

But above all, you can see thetrophy room museum, where all the trophies won by Real Madrid, as well as objects, photos and videos that reflect the most important moments in the history of the club.

Panoramic view of the stadium at the Tour del Bernabeu in Madrid

To do the Bernabeu Stadium Tour, first you have to buy the tickets in the box office 10, Next to the Gate 7, which is located on the west facade of the stadium, which gives the Paseo de la Castellana.

From this box office, you have to go to the Tower B, located in the corner with the Concha Espina street, southwest of the stadium.

Santiago Bernabeu Tour

The first stage of Bernabeu Stadium Tour is to climb to the top of that tower, from where you will have the best panoramic views of the interior of the football stadium.

It is time to take the first photos, while appreciating the impressive dimensions of the stadium and, if you have not yet had the opportunity to see it, to imagine it full of public.

Trophies won by Real Madrid players at the Bernabeu Tour in Madrid

I anticipate that in this tour you will surely agree with many foreign tourists, who will be indirect companions during your visit to the Bernabeu Stadium

After these panoramic views, you will go down halfway up the tower, and you will go to the first Trophy Exhibition Rooms.

Once you have traveled them, you will go down inside the stadium, and you will have other panoramic views of it.

Trophies of the Champions League on the Bernabeu Tour in Madrid

Then you will access the Main of the Trophy Rooms, the one dedicated to the soccer team, where the already 10 cups of the European Champions League and those of the League of Spain, among others.

Other places that you will also visit are the spaces dedicated to Best Club in History already Alfredo Di Stefano, a recently deceased myth, where you will find interactive screens.

After this key stage in the Bernabeu Tour, it is time to take a snack in the bar that is open for visitors to the stadium, at the height of the first amphitheater. You can sit in the stands to have a different perspective of the football field.

Visitors of the Bernabeu Tour in Madrid going down to the benches

And another key stage arrives, the time to go down to the pitch.

You will do it by the stands on the east facade of the stadium. After strolling next to a very careful field of grass, you will have the possibility of sit on the players benches, which arouses a great attraction among foreign tourists. Again to take pictures ...

Visit of the benches in the Bernabeu Tour in Madrid

From this point the last stage of the Bernabeu Stadium Tour, that of visit the changing rooms and go through the Press room,opportunity that some do not lose to take new photos sitting behind the microphones.

Finally, you will access the great store dthe real Madrid, where, if you wish, you can buy a shirt or any other souvenir from the team.

From the store, which has two floors, you already go directly to the street Father Damien, where after just over an hour, you will have finished the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Tour.

You will also find that for many foreign tourists it is a must on their trip to Madrid, as they leave the store with bags full of souvenirs.

Panoramic view of the stadium from the grass on the Tour del Bernabeu in Madrid

Santiago Bernabeu Tour Schedules

He Bernabeu Stadium Tour schedule It is, from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm. On Sundays and holidays it is from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm. On the days of the football match, the visit to the Bernabeu is only possible up to five hours before the start time of the match.

TheTicket prices to the Bernabeu Stadium Tour (2014) are 19 euros for adults, and 13 euros for children from 5 to 14 years.

Visit of the Press Room of the stadium during the Tour of the Bernabeu in Madrid

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