What to do at Christmas 2018 - 2019 in Madrid


Plaza Mayor at Christmas in Madrid

As is traditional, theChristmas in Madrid offers a large number and variety of attractions for locals and for those they visit Madrid in these dates.

In these festivities they develop, they develop in the capital of activities from culture and leisure, which propitiate that this era be one of those that Madrid receives more tourists.

And among these activities are also those included in theMadrid official Christmas program which starts the town hall From the capital.

Christmas lights in Madrid

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What to do at Christmas 2018 - 2019 in Madrid

To enjoy your stay in the city, below we give extensive information with suggestions on the most interesting what to do at Christmas parties 2018 - 2019 in Madrid.

See the Christmas Lights in Madrid

The Christmas parties in Madrid Each year they officially begin with the lighting of the Christmas lights which, as expected, this year took place on Friday, November 23.

The Christmas lighting, as is traditional, he becomes the protagonist of the streets of Madrid, and it is already a good excuse to walk during these dates through the busy squares and streets of the city center.

Stroll through the new Gran Vía

This will also allow you to enjoy the new Gran Vía, great avenue icon of Madrid in which it has gained ample space for the walk of the pedestrians.

This amplitude gained to cars is clearer in the section between Shut up and the St. Louis Network, area where the big ones happen malls always full of people at Christmas parties.

Christmas bus in Madrid

Another of the Christmas traditions in the capital is to be able to see the Christmas lighting from the christmas bus which runs through the main avenues of Madrid.

This bus a couple of years ago was baptized as Naviluz after a popular vote called by the city council of the capital.

Naviluz, Christmas bus in Madrid

Saying panoramic double decker bus as usual he has started his route in advance December bridge, specifically on November 29, to end on January 6, 2019, Kings Day.

After its implementation a couple of years ago, tobuy the Christmas bus ticket You have to do it exclusively through the EMT website, a municipal company that provides the service (UPGRADE: all tickets are already sold).

In this way you ensure a specific date and time for your tour, and thus avoid the long lines that were usual before.

A similar service is carried out by the bus known as Navibus, service provided by the same company of tourist buses operating in Madrid.

Concerts and performing arts in Christmas program

In the cultural section, during the Christmas season the City of Madrid makes a great programming of music concerts and scenic activities that are developed in various scenarios of the capital.

Christmas lights 2018 on the Gran Vía in Madrid

To highlight the program of Concerts on the balconies which takes place from December 27 to 30, at 8 p.m., on the balcony of the Bakery House of the Main Square.

Here you can consult in detail the music concert program of the official party program, as well as the theatrical activities at Christmas in Madrid.

Light parade in Madrid Río

After the premiere of this activity two years ago, the Light parade It is becoming another usual Christmas activity in the capital.

This festive event takes place in the Gardens of the Toledo Bridge fromMadrid Rio during the afternoon and evening of December 21, from 7.30 pm to 9.15 pm, on the occasion of Winter Solstice.

It is a parade activity that takes place in the area ofKing's Bridge and the Segovia Bridge and fills this Madrid linear park with lanterns and lighting elements.

Christmas lights in the San Ginés de Madrid passage

With the participation of several bands, theLight parade ends with a fireworks show 14 minutes long with a soundtrack created especially for the event.

Musical zambombada

As a celebration of the beginning of the festivities, on the 23rd several rounds and musical crews from towns near Madrid travel the streets of the center of the capital.

Specifically this celebration takes place between 12:30 and 14 hours for Villa square, main Street, Branches and Plaza de Oriente.

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Christmas skating rinks in Madrid

To practice ice skating you can do it in the Crystal Gallery of the Cibeles Palace, place that in recent years has been set with a winter landscape that includes the aforementioned ice rink, Christmas tree and numerous igloos.

This Crystal Gallery ice rink It is operational from December 21 to January 5, with a general schedule from 11 to 21 hours, although varying according to dates.

Other places in Madrid where they are also usually installed ice rinks are the Columbus square, and in relation to neighborhoods of the capital, in the Vallecas Bridge, the Villa of Vallecas and Vicálvaro.

Christmas lights 2018 in the street of Alcala de Madrid

Music at Christmas parties 2018 - 2019

The music always has a great role during the Christmas parties in Madrid, with an extensive program of concerts in various stages of the city.

Apart from the specific concerts included in the Official Christmas program 2018 - 2019 of the City Council, there are other musical events scheduled in the capital that we highlight below.

Gospel Festival in Madrid

He Christmas musical program start with him Gospel Madrid Festival which in its XXIV edition is celebrated in the Cultural Center of the Villa Fernánd Fernán Gómez, in the Columbus square, and that takes place from December 2 to 16.

Christmas concerts in Madrid

Another of the classic events on these dates are the Christmas concerts which are held in various auditoriums.

Christmas lights 2018 at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid

This year 2019 are scheduled for December 24 a Christmas concert at Royal Theatre, and the next day, December 25, the Hollywood concert at Christmas, Also in the Royal Theatre.

On the other hand, you also have the option of Christmas concert of the Teatro de la Zarzuela, which takes place on December 29.

Christmas Fair of Cultures

Another activity that has been developed in recent years is theChristmas International Fair of Cultures.

This year takes place from December 14 to 23 in Slaughterhouse Madrid. with the participation of more than 80 embassies and institutions of countries of the world.

In this Christmas cultural event a large number of free activities which include craft stalls, classic Christmas concerts and DJs, film, dance and singing sessions and various games and workshops.

Bethlehem of the Madrid City Council

Nativity scenes at Christmas 2018 in Madrid

Another of the typical Christmas activities that take place in the program are the nativity scenes exhibitions in Madrid.

In addition to the more traditional nativity scenes that occur each year, there are also usually others nativity scenes which have a more artistic character, such as Neapolitan nativity scenes.

Of these you have good examples in the Bethlehem of the Royal Palace of Madrid or the Bethlehem of the Carboneras Convent.

Here you have one route to see the best nativity scenes in the center of Madrid. and here you can check where to see nativity scenes in districts of Madrid.

Community Bethlehem in Puerta del Sol

Now, the most popular nativity scene visited by Madrid people is the one Madrid's community installed in its headquarters of the former Post House of the Sun Gate.

Belén de Sol installed by the Community of Madrid

Better known as the Bethlehem of the Sun, it can be visited from December 10 to January 5, and in it you can see more than 400 figures distributed in Hebrew-style constructions, although with a special theme every year.

Bethlehem City Hall in Cibeles Palace

For its part, in the courtyard of the Cibeles Palace you can see the traditional Bethlehem of the Madrid City Council installed by the Association of Belenistas of Madrid, which you can visit from December 3 to January 7.

With a collection of belenista figures José Luis Mayo, this nativity scene can be visited from 10 to 20 hours, with free admission by withdrawing tickets in advance.

Here you can check the Bethlehem schedules of the Madrid City Council on special Christmas dates.

Christmas markets at Christmas 2018 in Madrid

On the other hand, in the Christmas program in Madrid there is no lack of Christmas markets that you can visit in the main squares of the center of Madrid.

Christmas market 2018 in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid

Christmas market of the Plaza Mayor

Without doubt the most prominent is the traditional flea market in the main square. in which you can buy traditional Christmas products, such as nativity scenes or decorative elements, which you can visit from November 23 to December 31.

Christmas Craft Fair 2018

Also noteworthy is the Crafts Fair, a market that was usually held at the Spain Square, but that this year 2018 is installed in the Recoletos walk between December 1 and 30, with schedules from 11 to 21 hours and the participation of 170 artisan workshops.

Christmas 2018 with children in Madrid

If there are some protagonists in these dates in Madrid those are the children, for whom many activities are traditionally programmed, among which there are several alternatives to go to the circus.

Circlassic at IFEMA in Madrid @Foto :: Pepe Castro

Circus at Christmas Madrid

Neither are the numerous shows, some habitual in these Christmas dates.

In addition to the usual musicals that at this time acquire great prominence, the traditional spectacle ofCircus Price at Christmas, ideal for a family day.

In this regard, this year 2018 also highlights the premiere of Apocalypse, a great show that is celebrated in the Magic Box and that comes from the hand of the successful producers Circus of Horrors, who last year presented in Madrid on Magic Circus.

And on the other hand, in IFEMA you can enjoy Circlassic, proposal of the most traditional circus performed by Emilio Aragón.

Here you have more information aboutactivities to do at Christmas with children.

Cortylandia 2018 in Preciados next to the Puerta del Sol in Madrid

Cortylandia 2018 in Madrid

If there is a show that every Christmas has become a fixture to take children, that is Cortylandia, specifically the one installed by the mall on English court from Precious, near the Sun Gate.

Here you have information and you can check the Cortylandia 2018-2019 schedules from Precious.

Cavalcade of Kings 2019 in Madrid

Finally, the traditional program cannot miss the traditional Cavalcade of Kings of Madrid 2019which is celebrated in the late night of January 5, not only in the center of the city, but also in the districts.

Traffic Rules at Christmas 2018 in Madrid

Finally I tell you that as in previous years, the town hall will launch a series of special measures to regulate city center traffic.

More taking into account the entry into operation of the new restricted traffic area known as Central Madrid.