New York contrasts, the best excursion in Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn


Graffiti in the Bronx neighborhood in New York

In youtourist trip to New York, in the east coast of the United States, the usual thing is to concentrate your visit on the Manhattan Islandspecifically from Central park south, until Wall street and Battery park.

In general, tourists avoid going to other neighborhoods that carry a certain reputation for conflict.

But precisely the most popular of excursions in New York It focuses on these other neighborhoods of the city.

Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on the New York Contrasts tour

When I started developing this blog a few years ago, I already had knowledge of the fame of the Spanish tour known asNew York contrasts.

This excursion has become the most popular tour in New York, and currently they are carried out by various tourism companies.

He New York Contrast Tour precisely allows you to visit the most interesting places of those surrounding neighborhoods Manhattan,

Specifically I mean Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, which together with Harlem and Staten island they form the municipality of the North American city.

This way you can have a very different view of the characteristicimage you will have of New York associated with Manhattan, with its skyscrapers, monuments and corners, in many cases true cinematic icons.

Graffiti in the Bronx neighborhood in New York

You will also have an approach to the environment and the way of life of great ethnic communities residing in this huge city, as are the blacks, latinos or the orthodox jewss.

Taking advantage of my last trip to the United StatesI've finally signed up for the excursionNew York contrasts. in my case, with the agency of Gerardo Giraldo.

And he has not disappointed me at all; On the contrary, it has exceeded my expectations.

How is the New York Contrasts excursion

He tour New York contrasts is a Spanish tour aimed at Spanish and Latin American tourists that lasts for five hours, so they will quote you at 8 am in a central hotel in the western sector of Manhattan.

Then on a bus you will go up the West side highway until the Upper Manhattan.

Houses in Queens on the New York Contrasts tour

On the tour you will see the historic aircraft carrier Intrepid, which is visitable.

And in the upper part of the island, you will pass by the building of the Hispanic Society of America, museum that I advise you to visit in a hole in your stay in New York to see the imposing collection of paintings of Sorolla.

From there you cross a bridge to enter the neighborhoodBronx, where you will have the first stop at Yankee Stadium, the most important baseball stadium in the world.

During the tour of Bronx, they will tell you different stories of gangs and police, and you will see several graffiti that tell you the history of this neighborhood of conflicting fame.

New York mockup in Queens Museum of Art


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At one stop you can take pictures before those graffitias well as before thepolice station who was the protagonist of the movieDistrict Apache, the Bronx.

In contrast, after touring these semi-marginal areas of the Bronx, you will enter the neighborhood of Queens through a residential area of ​​the highest level, in order to reachFlushing Meadows Corona Park.

If you are a fan of tennis, you will know that it is the facilities where every August is celebrated on Open USA

And if you travel to New York in that month, you will see that the city center is covered with posters announcing that event.


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An interesting visit is the Queens Museum of Art, where optionally (4 dollars) you can enter to see an impressive New York mockup.

From there the excursion goes into the neighborhood ofBrooklyn and addresses the sector of Williamsburg, where you will undoubtedly be impacted by the way of life of Orthodox Jews

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Finally it is time to return to Manhattan, what will you do across the Manhattan bridge to finish the excursion in the area of Chinatown

And if the arrival time is adequate, you will surely eat at one of the restaurants in the area, such as the historic pizzeriaLombardi from the nearby neighborhood of Little italy.

In short, it is not a mere excursion, but a great experience to know the β€œanother New Yorkβ€œ.

Orthodox Jews in Williamsburg neighborhood on New York Contrast tour

New York Contrast Tour Price

Theexcursion schedulesNew York contrasts with Real Tours NY they are every day of the week, with departures in the morning, at 9.15 hours, and in the afternoons, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 14.15.

In this excursion you have four points of departures, in well-known hotels of Manhattan, and in the case of doing the excursion in the afternoon, in theRow Hotel (700 8th Ave), almost in front of the bus stationAuthority Port Bus Terminal, very close toTimes Square.

Here you can check the tour price New York contrasts, which may vary according to specific offers or specific times of the year.

You also have the option to sign up for VIP tour where will you go in minivan in a maximum group of 15 people, they will go to look for you at your hotel, and you will have an additional stop at long Island to see the best skyline from Manhattan.

I assure you that you will not regret doing this excursion of New York contrasts.