12 useful tips for visiting Boston


Quincy Market in Boston

It is one of the United States cities that we know better because we have visited it several times, and that is why we wanted to publish this article to show you all the information you need to know to travel to Boston.

The luck of having a friend in the city means that every time we visit, we learn new things about what to see in Boston that otherwise would be impossible.

And in this case I do not want to just recommend the monuments to visit, but above all give you the advice on various aspects that you must take into account to make the trip.

Old South Meeting House on the Boston Freedom Trail

All information in detail

  • Tips for traveling to Boston
    • 1.- What visas do you need to travel to the United States?
    • 2.- How to go from the airport to Boston?
    • 3.- Take out insurance to travel to the United States
    • 4.- Tours and excursions in Boston
    • 5.- What to eat in Boston
    • 6.- Public transport in Boston
    • 7.- How does the Metro work in Boston?
    • 8.- Train in Boston
    • 9.- Best time to travel to Boston
    • 10.- What to see around Boston?
    • 11.- Tips for renting a car in Boston
    • 12.- Where to find Wifi in Boston?

Tips for traveling to Boston

Below you will find the answers to the various questions you can ask about the airport, how to get around the city, insurance, what to eat or the tours and excursions you can ask.

1.- What visas do you need to travel to the United States?

Depending on your nationality, you have legal or other conditions to travel to Boston.

You don't need a visa from Spain and other European countries, but you need to fill in the so-calledESTA form, which is what gives you access to the country.

It is usually valid for 2 years, after which you must complete it again.

Upon completing it they will ask you for information about your trip, such as where you are going to stay or if you are going to visit someone, requiring the information of the person in whose house you are going to stay.

2.- How to go from the airport to Boston?

If your arrival in the city is by plane, you will have to take some transport that takes you to the center, since the airport is located on a small peninsula in front of the city.

There are many and varied options to choose from depending on your final destination and how you prefer to go.

The airport is very close to the city center Downtown, of the port and of financial district, but to get to these places you have to cross or surround the sea.

How to go by subway from the airport to Boston

Go subway It is one of the fastest and cheapest solutions, because in less than 15 minutes you cross the sea below until you reach the station Frontwater, next to financial district, from where you can move around the rest of the city.

Tour guide in the historic center of Boston

To catch the subway at the airport you have to get on a free bus that runs through the various terminals and leaves you at the station; There you already buy the ticket that takes you to downtown Boston, which costs $ 2.75.


- Tour to Boston from New York
- Boston and Cambridge tour
- Excursion to Salem and Marblehead
- Excursion to Newport and Rhode Island

Ship-Airport taxi to Boston

If it's not cold, the option of taxi boat in Boston We find it the most fun, because it has a lot of charm.

You do the same route as insubway, but in a small boat by the sea from where you have a spectacular panoramic view of the skyline from the city.

The price of the taxi-boat ticket is 12 dollars.

Bus from the airport to Boston

As in all cities, the bus is the cheapest option since it only costs 1.75 dollars and leaves you in theSouth station, from where you can reach anywhere in the city.

Taxi or a transfer to go to the airport

These two options are the ones that take you directly from the airport to the point you want, so the price is variable.

But to get an idea, go by taxi from the airport to financial district it costs you about 17 dollars; yes, remember to tip.

A clarification for those who use applications such as Uber: In the United States they work great, but each city has rules and Boston does not cover routes from the airport.

Corner of Boston's Old Town

3.- Take out insurance to travel to the United States

For travel to the United States you have to take out travel insurance.

As you can see, I do not "advise" you to hire it, it is simply mandatory, unless you want to run the risk of having a serious problem if something happens to you.

Book hotel for your trip on

We have the case of a friend who suffered a very serious heart crisis in the United States, and if it did not happen because he had insurance covering him for 100,000 dollars, he would have returned to Spain alive (because they attend to you), but economically ruined.

The bill (which they give you when you leave the hospital) was 60,000 dollars in ambulance, hospitalization and basic treatment expenses, since you only spent three days in the hospital.

So remember, it is “MANDATORY” travel with insurance.

There are several companies that offer travel insurance, and we we travel with IATI insurance, whose price you have a 5% discount if you hire it through our page.

Park Street Church on the Boston Freedom Trail


Are you organizing your trip to the United States? Don't go without hire your travel insurance first, and here we explain why. If you hire him with us, you have a 5% discount.

4.- Tours and excursions in Boston

If you want to visit the city at your leisure we have written this article that teaches you 30 places to see on your visit to Boston

But if you're like us, when we arrive in a city we like sign up for a guided tourTo get to know curiosities and have a first approach to it, this excursion is sure to be interesting.

He Boston Spanish Tour It consists of a three-hour tour during which you will visit the most important areas of the city, starting with thefinancial district, specifically in the famous Quincy Market.

Some of the most interesting points of the city are visited following a large part of the sections of the Freedom trail until you reach Back bay, which is the area of ​​the most beautiful houses, in addition to visiting the area of Cambridge and its universities.

The truth is that if you are not going to spend a lot of time in Boston it is a great tour to know almost all the points of interest.

Skyscrapers in downtown Boston

Another option is that you do it to get a general idea of ​​the city and then you decide which areas you want to spend more time on later days.

5.- What to eat in Boston

There are many options for eat in Boston, but like all cities, there is always a typical dish that you should not miss.

Being by the sea in very cold waters, the specialty is seafood like Lobster Rollthan a lobster wrapped in a bun, or theClam chowder, a cream of clams and broth that is usually served in a loaf of bread.

But as a good American cosmopolitan city, you can also find a huge variety of dishes, such as chicken wings with different sauces, grilled ribs, hamburgers, pizzas in the purest Italian style or great Asian food.

6.- Public transport in Boston

The best way to visit Boston is walking; In fact it is a city famous for how easy it is to know it this way, but there are times that you need transportation.

Boston's Freedom Trail sidewalk signage

The easiest is to use thesubway to move around the different areas of the city.

7.- How does the Metro work in Boston?

To move in public transportation in Boston You have to know that there are three main stations from which you can move as they have connections with the rest of the city.

South station It is the great station to which most of the buses that come from other cities arrive, as is the case if you do a Tour to Boston from New York or you arrive from Niagara Falls.

The station of Back bay, which is located in the historic area of ​​the city, andNorth station they close the triangle of the three important stations.

Tremont Temple Baptist Church in downtown Boston

The latter is located at the entrance to the TD Garden, the aforementioned pavilion in which the Boston Celtics next to the north bridge of the city.

He single metro ticket price It is $ 2.75, although there are special prices if you take the Charly card.

With it the single ticket costs you 2.25 dollars and there are special prices for 1 day, 2 days, weekly, and monthly.

This card can be recharged at the metro stations themselves.

If you want to get the Charly card In almost every station I subway the city in the ticket vending machines themselves.

There is always usually a person from the subway staff to help in addition to the machine having the option to change the language to Spanish.

Thus, the price of the weekly subscription is 24 dollars.

8.- Train in Boston

If you stay on the outskirts of the city and you are going to travel by train you have to know that it is very easy to move around.

To buy the ticket you can do it on the train itself, when entering and sitting, the reviewer passes by and you can pay him by hand, but you can't do it with a card.

You also have the option of do it with an application. Is called mTicket (a symbol in purple with a large T) .

You put the station of origin, the final station and enter the credit card. You buy the ticket and activate it just before you ride on the train.

Then when you get on the train you just have to show it to the reviewer.


If you do not have Internet on the street and only in Wi-Fi zones, you will have to activate it before, it has a 1 hour validity to enter the train since you activate it.

We activated it before leaving where we were staying for the train and solved.

The train schedules can also be found in the application.

9.- Best time to travel to Boston

In the face of your trip you must know that Boston It has extreme temperatures in winter, reaching lower temperatures until -20th grades when the big snow comes.

On the contrary, in summer the temperature is hot with enough humidity.

Ambience in downtown Boston

10.- What to see around Boston?

If you are going to spend a few days in Boston You probably want to know some of the surrounding towns like Salem, which is known for the burning witch and its mansions or the great landscapes of Marblehead.

There is another very interesting excursion that is going to visit the amazing mansions of the great fortunes of the United States in the town of Newport in Rhode Island.

I hope to make these excursions on our next trip to Boston.

11.- Tips for renting a car in Boston

If instead of signing up for an organized excursion like the ones we have indicated before, you prefer to take a car route on your own, in this article you have some tips for renting a car in the United States.

And here you can book your rental car.

12.- Where to find Wifi in Boston?

You can find wifi in any bar or restaurant in the city. The truth is that the Wi-Fi issue is one of the points in which Boston stands out.

Because it is not only that there is Wi-Fi anywhere in the city but it is also high speed and without procedures to give you the password.

All establishments usually have Wi-Fi open for customers, so powerful that you can call over the Internet without any problem of connection failure.