How to visit Calico, ghost mining town in California


Calico in California @Photo: Sylvan Leprovost

In you trip along the west coast of the United States, in the route between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, two hours from Los Angeles, You have the opportunity to visit a place that emulates the historical western towns.

Located at the gates of mojave desert, is about Calico, a historical miner town.

At present this place has become aghost town specially prepared as a tourist attraction.

Calico in California @Photo: Enio Salgado

Calico's Story

The original town of Calico It has a history similar to that of other ghost towns in California, such as Rhyolite, it was founded in 1881 after the appearance of some silver mines.

He came to congregate up to 1,200 inhabitants, have 22 rooms and even his own neighborhoodChinatown.

But from 1907 the mining activity moved towards the Death valley and, in addition, the price of silver fell so much that it made the excavations economically unfeasible.

Finally, in 1929 the town of Calico he was abandoned.

Calico in California @Photo: Lin Mei

Ghost town as a tourist attraction

But in 1951 an ex-miner, Walter Knott, bought the town then abandoned, rebuilt it and made it what it is today, a ghost town Prepared for the visit of tourists.

In fact, in 1966 it was ceded to San Bernardino County and it happened to be considered as a regional park.

You should know that only one third of the 30 wooden buildings that have Calico they are original.

The rest have been rebuilt, although several of them only show you their façade, as happens in the scenery of villages built in Almeria for the western movies, now also subject to tourist visits.

Of course, there are examples of the most typical buildings of the western towns, such as salon, blacksmithing, grocery store, school or stable.

Calico in California @Photo: Bryan Siders

In the upper part of the town there are mining houses next to the tunnels of the original mine, one of which can be visited.

Here you have all the useful information to visit the town of Calico, such as its main attractions, the activities that take place, the shops and the restaurants.

Schedule and prices tickets to visit Calico

He schedule to visit Calico It is every day from 9 to 17 hours.

The Ticket prices to visit Calico, in California, they are: adults, 8 dollars; children from 4 to 11 years old, 5 dollars; children under 4, free; bus tour, 5 dollars.

How to get to Calico

Calico It is located near the town of Barstow, 200 kilometers from Los Angeles inland, near the route that takes you to Las Vegas.