25 places to see and visit on your trip to San Francisco


Victorian houses Painted ladies at Alamo Park in San Francisco

I anticipate that youSan Francisco visit it will bring you a good part of the best attractions that can be enjoyed in atrip to the west coast of the United States.

In San Francisco You will find a very nice city, very easy to visit.

But you will also have excellent panoramic views, corners and some of the icon you are sure of. U.S,

San Francisco from the Twin Peaks viewpoint

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  • What to see in San Francisco

What to see in San Francisco

If instead you want to make the whole visit of this city of California on your own, to help you plan it below I detail some tips with the best places to see on your visit to San Francisco.

Twin Peaks Viewpoint

The most advisable as soon as you arrive in San Francisco is climb the hill of Twin Peaks, just as I did in your day during my trip.

From its viewpoint you will have the best panoramic views from the city and the bay, which will allow you to face the subsequent visit in detail of the city.

Golden Gate Suspension Bridge in San Francisco Bay

Golden Gate Suspension Bridge

The main San Francisco tourist icon is undoubtedly the Golden gate, known asGolden Gate

This is what is called the space that opens in the sea between the San Francisco peninsula and the cliff area of ​​the northern part.

Bliss sea ​​gate It is crossed by what is undoubtedly one of the most famous bridges in the world, the Golden Gate suspension bridge, which delimits the Pacific Ocean of the San Francisco Bay.

To be able to enjoy the best panoramic views of the Golden Gate and its surroundings you have several lookouts on both sides of the suspension bridge.

And, of course, my advice is that you do not miss a walk on the bridge, because in this way you will feel its enormous dimensions. Worth it.

Little Italy neighborhood in San Francisco

San Francisco Neighborhoods

A characteristic of the San Francisco city it is the great diversity of environments that are lived in the different neighborhoods, which one way or another you should visit, and where you will find a mixture of skyscrapers and historic buildings.

So you will find different attractions in San Francisco neighborhoods as Little italy, Chinatown, the Hill of Nob hill or The marine.

Chinatown neighborhood

So, for example, in the northern part of the city you find the famous district of Chinatown, or what is the same, the San Francisco Chinatown.

The origins of San Francisco Chinatown They date back to the mid-19th century and is the oldest Chinatown in the United States.

I assure you that in your walk through chinatown At certain times you will have the feeling of being in a Chinese city.

Chinatown in San Francisco


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Little Italy neighborhood

The district ofNorth beach, also know as Little italy, is another of the must-see places in San Francisco.

Its location is adjacent to Chinatown and extends along the Broadway street, from the Downtown from skyscraper transamerica, the oldest in the city.

To stand out above all that there you will find a wide range of Italian restaurants.

Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood

The walk through the district of Haight-ashbury It will allow you to live the sensation of being in a European city.

In addition, this neighborhood was the center of the movement hippie in the 60s, and now maintains a bohemian atmosphere with European-style restaurants and cafes, as well as designer stores.

Victorian houses Painted ladies at Alamo Park in San Francisco

Victorian houses Painted Ladies

In this neighborhood of Haight-ashbury, an essential visit are the famous Victorian houses known as Painted Ladies, which you find in Alamo Park.

The park is located at the top of the hill, and the aforementioned group of houses Painted LadiesWith its characteristic Victorian architecture style, it has become one of the city's iconic images.

To such an extent, they have been protagonists of scenes from several films.

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Castro neighborhood

Another neighborhood that has earned great fame in San Francisco It's ofCastro, center of the gay community.

Castro neighborhood in San Francisco

It had a great boom during the 60s and 70s and now when you go up the Market Street from the city center to the Twin Peaks Hill, its location will be easily recognizable by the profusion of multicolored flags.

With a European-style atmosphere, its busiest area is the confluence between the Market Street and the 19th street.

Dolores mission

San Francisco It is a city where there are still buildings from the colonial era.

That is the case of theDolores mission, a church ofspanish colonial style located in the upper part of San Francisco, at the foot of the hill of Twin peaks, and near the Market Street and from the district Castro.

TheSan Francisco Dolores Mission It was founded in 1776 by Spanish missionaries Jose Joaquin Moragas and Francisco Palou, and is the oldest building that currently exists in the city.

Dolores Mission in San Francisco

It was part of a series of missions built in California and, specifically, the Dolores mission it aimed to evangelize the Ohlone Indians.

The missionIt is a small building that was built with the name of San Francisco de Asis, although over time this mission also became popularly known as Dolores mission.

Next to the original mission building, in 1918 a large basilica, known as theBasilica of the Dolores Mission of San Francisco, whose ornamentation has style churrigeresco.

San Francisco City Hall

HeCity hall It is a building where the city's civic center is located, which stands out for its enormouscentral dome.

HeSan Francisco City Hall it was built in 1915 to replace the old town hall building that was destroyed by the great earthquake that struck the city in 1906, and in its architecture resembles The Invalids of Paris.

San Francisco City Hall

Thedome of the City HallIt is the fifth largest in the world for its size.

At 94 meters high, it is only 35 meters taller than the dome of the Washington Capitol, and its diameter is 20 meters.

Downtown San Francisco

The city center is the area known as Downtown, which is marked by several corners such as the commercial area Union Square and its numerous skyscrapers.

Union Square shopping area

At downtown San Francisco you find theUnion Square shopping area,

The main shopping centers and department stores, such as Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Barneys New York, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, and also the most prestigious luxury brand stores.

In sum, it is the true commercial axis of the city and in the same also they are locatedthe tallest skyscrapers in San Francisco.

Transamerica pyramid in San Francisco

Pyramid Transamerica

As I said before, the tallest and most iconic skyscraper in San Francisco is thePyramid Transamerica.

With 48 plants, it was finished building in 1972 and has already been able to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 7.1.

Until 2001 there was a viewpoint on the 27th floor, but then it was closed and now the skyscraper has no place where visitors can climb to have panoramic views of San Francisco.

SFMOMA Museum of Modern Art

InSan Francisco you can also visit aMuseum of Modern Art, which took a denomination similar to that of New York museum, so that it is known as theSFMOMA.

SFMOMA Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco

It is in thedowntown area Downtown from San Francisco, specifically in the Third Street 151, together to the Yerba Buena Gardens.

Opened in 1935, collects works, among other artists, by Jackson pollock, Richard Diebenkorn, Paul Klee, Marcel Duchamp and Ansel Adams.

Slopes in the Nob Hill Neighborhood

Near to downtown you have the neighborhood of Nob hill, north of the city, where you can see the famous slopes and steep streets of San Francisco.

It is an area very visited by tourists because the traditional streets circulate through these steep streetscable tram, which is now a tourist attraction.

Nob Hill in San Francisco

Lombard Street

You shouldn't stop going to the famous Lombard street, with its incredibly steep slope whereby cars descend between very winding curves.

The Lombard street It was designed in 1922 to overcome the great difference in the hill where it is located.

San Francisco Trams

This area of ​​San Francisco circulates traditional cable trams that currently, rather than as a means of transport, they remain as tourist attraction.

Coit Tower in San Francisco

In the district ofNorth beach You have the possibility of climbing to a viewpoint to enjoy somePanoramic views from the city and the bay.

San Francisco Tram

Its aboutCoit Tower viewpoint, tower located on a small hill of said district near thePier andFisherman's wharf.

TheCoit tower It was built in 1933 at the top of the hill calledTelegraph Hill.

Architectural styleart deco and with 60 meters high, on its circular staircase there are numerous murals of artists who have studied in theDecorative Arts School Of California.

Oakland Bay Bridge Suspension Bridge

In addition to the famous Golden Gate, in San Francisco You also have the possibility to see and cross another large suspension bridge.

Its about Oakland Bay Bridge, which are actually two successive bridges that save the Yerba Buena Island west-east, on a road that goes inland.

Oakland Bay Bridge suspension bridge in San Francisco

It was built in 1936 and the two sections have a total length of almost six kilometers.

San Francisco Pier

If you want to make one San Francisco Bay ferry tour you must go to the building of Pier, from where they leave, among others, the one that will take you to the Alcatraz Prison Island, where you can visit the criminal history.

BlissSan Francisco maritime station You will find it in a majestic building built in 1898, which has survived the earthquakes of 1906 and 1989, and is currently surrounded by modern skyscrapers.

This building stands out above all itsclock tower built with some architectural inspiration in theTower of the Giralda of Seville.

TheEmbarcadero San Francisco Ferry Terminal It was the second busiest terminal in the United States.

Ferry Terminal Tower at the Embarcadero in San Francisco

But in the 30s of the last century the Bay bridges and the famous suspension bridge were builtGolden gate, which brought a significant reduction in maritime traffic.

San Francisco Bay ferry cruises

From theEmbarcadero Terminal Ferries that take you, for example, to the islands ofAlcatraz andAngel.

Or also the ferry that takes you to the coastal town ofSausalito, located across the bay, in front of the city of San Francisco.

In order to make an excursion during your trip to the Californian city, here is alist of ferry routes for cruises or tourist cruises around the San Francisco Bay with information on the different lines and their routes.

You also have the information about the dates on which these ferries operate, as well as theirschedules.

Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

Palace of Fine Arts in La Marina

In the district of The marineIn addition to the leisure areas, you can also see a curious neoclassical building You may be surprised to find in the city of San Francisco.

This is known as Palace of Fine Arts (Fine arts), which was built near the Golden Gate in 1915, on the occasion of a Pacific Exhibition.

Actually it is an architectural complex that is located in a large garden and next to a pond.

Fisherman's Wharf leisure area

And for the night, the essential visit is the area of ​​the old fishing port known as Fisherman's wharf, in the district of The marine, where you will enjoy shops, restaurants and musical shows.

Sea lions at Pier 39 pier in San Francisco

Also, in the Pier 39 pier you will have the chance to see dozens of sea ​​lions on freedom.


Among the places you can visit with a ferry cruise through the San Francisco Bay, one of the highlights to know is Sausalito. coastal population that you can also reach by road across the Golden gate.

InSausalito you will see one of the most exclusive residential areas of the San Francisco Bay, with its famous houseboats.

Alcatraz Island and Prison

A ferry cruise to visit the island and the old Alcatraz prison It is one of the most demanded excursions by tourists who visited San Francisco.

Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay in California

This excursion allows you to know this historical enclave of the San Francisco Bay, with the prison that was closed in 1963 and is currently considered a national park.

Tours and excursions in San Francisco

For your visit to the Californian city, you have the option of joining several San Francisco tours and guided tours in Spanish.

For example, the tourSan Francisco complete with Alcatraz Island, which will take you an eight-hour day.

Here you have more information tours and excursions in San Francisco.

You also have numerous options for excursions around San Francisco.

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