The best tips to visit the Royal Palace of Aranjuez


Royal Palace of Aranjuez near Madrid

One of the most interesting visits you can do in the surroundings of Madrid is theRoyal Palace of Aranjuez and their gardens.

It is located in the Royal Site of Aranjuez, On the banks of Tagus riverdeclared World Heritage by Unesco.

Both the palatial building and its splendid gardens will surely bring you to the memory of the Aranjuez's concert, one of the most listened to musical works in the world.

Jardines de la Isla in the Aranjuez Palace near Madrid

Input, and facing your visit of the Palace of Aranjuez, you should know that in addition to touring the interior of the palatial building, where the lavish decoration of its rooms and private rooms stands out, you should also have a walk through its famous gardens.

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History of the Aranjuez Palace

He Royal Palace of Aranjuez It has its origins in a first house-palace, known as one of theMasters of Santiago, which was built at the time ofCatholic kings, at the end of the 15th century, on the north side of the site of the current building.

Subsequently, these lands became real property and werePhilip II who in 1561 ordered the construction of a first palace. Already with the denomination of Royal Site, the gardens began to be built.

This enclave became aspring residenceof recreation of Kings of Spain, which was surrounded by a large hunting ground.

Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid

It was in theXVII century whenPhilip V commissioned the construction of the current building ofRoyal Palace of Aranjuez.

Work started by the architectJohn the Baptist of Toledo, was continued byJuan de Herrera, although it did not end until the 18th century, during the reigns ofFerdinand VI and laterCarlos III.

What to see in the visit of the palace of Aranjuez

When you go to visit the imposingRoyal Palace of Aranjuez, it is best to sign up for one of theGuided visits which are carried out to travel inside.

Guided tours of the palace of Aranjuez

Theseofficial guided tours They are carried out on the fly, every little time, but without a specific schedule.

Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid

On the one hand, you must visit the interior of the palace, which highlights the lavish decoration of its rooms and private rooms.

You must choose between two types of route, which is developed by theOfficial Halls, and the most complete visit, which also covers thePrivate Rooms of the palace.

I advise you to sign up for the latterguided visit which is done in groups, compared to the option of going on your own, because in the latter case you will not be able to visit the aforementioned private rooms.

These guided tours come to last an hour, but then you have the possibility of going back to explore the public stays of the palace on your own.

The price also includesvisits from Museum of Royal Falluasin the nearPrince's Garden, which is carried out with an audio guide included in the price, and of the Labrador House, small palace, used by the kings as a hunting lodge, which is covered in guided group tours.

Therefore, when you arrive before himRoyal Palace of Aranjuez, it is recommended that you go directly to the ticket office to sign up for one of theseguided tours of the Private Rooms.

Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid

If you have to wait a while until the start time of the visit, you can spend time walking around the palace.

TheComplete guided tour of the Palace of Aranjuez It starts up a staircase of the original building from the time of Philip II, from the 16th century.

After going through the Guard Room, where you will see flamenco tapestries from this same era, you arrive at the office that was ofPhilip II andCharles II. With a ceiling decorated byLuis Giordano, you will see a landscape gallery.

Then you will go through the Antechamber andKing's Chamber of Music, where you will see a great French grand piano, and theSmoking room.

In the next stay, known asArab cabinet, built at the time ofIsabel II, you find stucco decoration with geometric figures, of Nasrid art, and reminiscent of the Alhambra of Granada.

Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid

During the full guided tour you now access the first zone of thePrivate Rooms, going through the Room of King Francisco of Assisi, husbandIsabel II, where you see a baroque ceiling, silk fabrics and style furniture Empire.

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At Dressing roomorHusband Hall, highlights the Pompeian ceiling and the marble floor of three colors.

He King's Office, used byBourbons, has style furniture Empire.

And then you arrive at one of the most amazing rooms, theChinese Paintings Room, on whose walls 200 pictures of Chinese paintings given toIsabel II in 1846 by theEmperor of China, on the occasion of your wedding withFrancis of Assisi.

Already again in the public area, you will see the great Ballroom of the Palace of Aranjuez, decorated with green tones at the time ofCharles IV, which shows two large Bohemian glass lamps and a two-colored marble floor from Andalusia.

TheQueen's Dressing Room It is the Victorian style, really beautiful, with silks on the walls and an 1865 photo of the Queen isabel II.

HeQueen's bedroom It has furniture of Elizabethan style, neo-Baroque, and a bed of 2.10 meters long that weighs 1,200 kg!

Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid

Another amazing stay is thePorcelain Hall, decorated in 1763 byCarlos III, where you will see up to 5,000 pieces of porcelain screwed to the walls, and that was used asAmbassador Waiting Room.

HeQueen's Officeit is decorated with greater sobriety than that of the King; With a Pompeian ceiling, you can see an oratory and neoclassical furniture.

Next is the greatThrone Hall, decorated with garnet velvet combined with gold.

This room is still used when the King of Spain celebrates institutional events in Aranjuez.

During theguided tour of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez, you come back from the private zone, watching thePool's room, with a table from the time ofFernando VII, and the Queen's bathtub (which overlooks her bedroom) made of a single piece emptied of marble fromCarrara.

Now you get toGala Diningdecorated byCarlos III, with marble floor covered with natural colors, andInfant Room, where you will see five paintings with portraits of the children ofIsabel II.

Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid

HeOratory of the Kings, again in a private area, is a chapel made in 1791 in neoclassical style byJuan de Villanueva, and fresh fromFrancisco Bayeu on roof and walls.

Finally the guided tour of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez takes you to theQueen's Chamber of Music and theQueen's Saleta, a stay this last of protocol, with a large carpet of 300 years ago, from the time ofPhilip V, made by theMadrid Tapestry Factory.

The visit concludes after going down a large Rococo staircase from the time ofPhilip V.

Museum of Life in Palacio de Aranjuez

From this point, apart from that you can return to see one of the public rooms to see them again, and on your own you conclude the tour of the palace of Aranjuez with the visit of the Museum of Life in the Palace.

You will go through a series of rooms where you will find the most diverse objects used by various Bourbon kings They have used this beautiful palace as a leisure residence.

Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid

You will see objects from the times of Fernando VII, Carlos III, Charles IV, Isabel II and Alfonso XII, among which the different peronalized dishes of several kings, or the cradles of the nineteenth century, or the numerous military uniforms will call your attention.

In thisPalace of life museum You can also see several portraits, photos and costumes of Alfonso XII, as well as layers of orders.

Or a saddle and horse riding trophies from the east Bourbon King.

Another outstanding dress is the great regal cloak of Queen Victoria Eugenia. And among other curious objects, you will see the armchair that the King Alfonso XIII He used during his illness in Rome, until he died in 1941.

Queen Sofia and the princess's wedding dresses

But, without a doubt, very outstanding objects of this curious museum that you can see inAranjuez, because it will move you to the current times of our monarchy, they are thewedding dressesof theQueen Sofia and the princesses.

Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid

Thus, in a large room with a dark atmosphere you find large glazed and illuminated spaces where with all its splendor you can see the aforementionedwedding dresses.

The one of the Queen Sofia, who married in Athens in 1962, and which was designed by Jean Desses; also that of the princess Elena, married in 2005, of Pedro Valverde, and of the Princess Cristina, from Lorenzo Caprile, used at his wedding in Barcelona in 1997.

Of course I could not miss thewedding dress by Leticia Ortiz, design of Pertegaz, and whose wedding I remember you was in Madrid in 2004.

A very prominent element of this huge room is a great painting that shows us the wedding of King Alfonso XII and María de las Mercedes.

HeMuseum of Life in Palace of the Royal Palace of AranjuezIt is completed with a room where you will see ceremonial costumes of the Queen Sofia, and a jacket and a uniform of the current King Felipe VI.

And in the last room of the museum you find a black horse car, and a very curious diligence used by Isabel II, with several trunks arranged before her.

Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid

The journey through the interior of Royal Palace of Aranjuez is completed with thevisit of the chapel of the palace.

Built by Sabatini in 1778, and with three altarpieces, look at its great dome topped with stucco, and in the frescoes of Bayeau.

Visit of the Aranjuez Gardens

If you have more time on your visit, you can go for a walk through some of the gardens of Aranjuez.

At least those of Parterre and those of theIsland, which are adjacent to the aforementioned building.

Royal Pier in the Prince's Garden in Aranjuez

And already needing much more time, you can approach the extensive Prince's Gardens where, on the one hand, you can see the Royal Embarcadero On the banks of Tagus river, which was used in its day by Ferdinand VI.

Next to it is the Royal Falluas museum, where curious boats used by the kings of Spain since the 17th century.

You can also visit the royal pavilion built by Charles IV known as the Labrador Houseas well as the nearby Pines Chinescos work of the architect of the time, Villanueva.

For these visits, besides knowing how to get from Madrid to Aranjuez, this information about schedules and ticket prices will be useful.

Greek kiosk in the Pond of the Chinescos of the Aranjuez Gardens

Schedules Palace and Gardens of Aranjuez

The Visiting hours of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez They are from April to September, 10 to 20 hours, and from October to March, from 10 to 18 hours, with last access one hour before closing time.

This monument is open for your visit every day of the week, except Mondays.

The Visiting schedule of the Royal Falluas museum and the Labrador House They are the same as those of the Royal Palace.

Keep in mind that the Labrador House only runs with Guided visits You have to book in advance by calling 91 891 03 05.

As for the visiting hours of the gardens of Aranjuez, vary according to the time of the year, always opening at 8 am, and closing from 6.30 pm, from November to February, until 9.30 pm in summer.

Labrador House in the Prince's Gardens in Aranjuez

On its official website you can also check the calendar with the closing dates of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez.

Ticket prices Palacio de Aranjuez

The Ticket prices to visit the Royal Palace of Aranjuez they vary according to the dependencies you want to travel and if you doguided visit or free

The ticket price for the most complete guided tour, the official rooms and private rooms, is 13 euros (2019).

If you prefervisit the Palace of Aranjuez for free (without the possibility of entering private rooms), the price is 9 euros.

The price of the reduced rate is 4 euros, which benefits children from 5 to 16 years, seniors +65 from EU and Latin American countries and students up to 25 years, as well as individual members of the large families.

Door of the Round Square in the Prince's Garden in Aranjuez

These prices also include the visit of the museum of Royal Falúas with audioguide while visiting the Labrador House It is done in a guided group and the price is 5 euros.

Half day tour to Aranjuez

On the other hand, if instead of going to Aranjuez on your own you prefer to sign up for a organized excursion, here is the information about the Half day tour to Aranjuez.

Starting from Madrid at 3 pm, the transfer is in an air-conditioned bus accompanied by a Spanish-speaking guide.

In this excursion of a total duration of four hours you will not only visit the Royal Palace, but you can also discover the curious Royal Falluas museum found in the Prince's Gardens.

Here you have more information and you can do the Book online for the Tour to Aranjuez.