How to make a trip without a car on the West Coast


The Great Captain in Yosemite Park

Not everyone who is planning a travel on your own to the west coast of the United States, for different reasons, you have the possibility of renting a car to move to the different places you want to visit.

I am passionate about car travel, and whenever I can, I travel that way.

Not using a car to make the trip will limit your possibilities when planning all the visits you would like to do, but it does not prevent you from making an excellent trip along the west coast.

Here are two alternatives with their pros and cons to make your trip along the west coast of the United States.

Trip organized by the West Coast

The first alternative is to consider hiring aorganized trip by one of the great agencies that offer the United States west coast destination in its catalog of great trips, or even agencies that organize it to suit you.

Mexican Hat in Utah

This trip assures you that you are going to visit the places of greatest tourist demand, and you will have the comfort of having almost everything practically solved. You just have to let yourself be guided.

However, you will not find too many different alternatives of organized trips to the west coast, unless you hire the trip with agencies that organize it for you. In any case, it may be the most expensive alternative.

This type of organized trip also has other conditions, such as having to follow the visit program and displacements previously established, with times already assigned and with very little margin to leave the program. In addition, you will have to adapt to the schedules, which are sometimes very demanding.

It is certainly the most comfortable alternative.

Attractions on the Santa Monica Beach Pier in Los Angeles

Hire excursions along the West Coast

Another alternative is not to give up organize on your own the trip to the West Coast of the United States, combining long-distance travel by plane, with the hiring of excursions concrete to make close visits to the big cities.

Specifically, a first tourist trip to the west coast between ten or fifteen days, must include without fail the visits of San Francisco, The Angels and Las Vegas. And between these three cities you can make internal flights, which in the United States are quite cheap.

Helicopter tour to fly over the Colorado Canyon

Or in the case of the trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, you can do it by road in a comfortable bus, which will allow you to see the Mojave Desert.

Then, during your stay in each of these cities, in addition to spending a couple of days visiting it, you can hire excursions.

So, for example, you can hire an agency excursions from San Francisco one or two days to Yosemite National Park, from one day to Carmel and Monterey, or another day at Napa wine valley.

Houseboat in Sausalito in the San Francisco Bay


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You can do the same in The Angels, for example by hiring a excursion to Santa Barbara.

And in the case of Las Vegas, a must-see excursion is visit the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, which you can do in one day trip by plane and helicopter, or also in coach.

In short, if you cannot use the car on your trip along the west coast, it is not an obstacle for you to enjoy an excellent trip organized on your own.