Annual Pass, tourist pass to visit the national parks in the United States


Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona

Yes in your trip to the west coast of the United States you are considering visit several national parks, you may be interested in acquiring the Annual Pass.

It's about a tourist pass which allows you to access them during the period of one year since you buy it.

Most of the recommended parks to visit depend on the National Park Service, although there are other natural sites that are managed by another entity, and their access is not included in the Annual Pass.

El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in California

That is the case, for example, of the natural sites of Monument Valley or Antelope Canyon, which are part of the Navajo Indians Tribal Parks.

Annual Pass Price

He Annual Pass 2018 price It's $ 80, and includes access to four adults in a car.

In the event that you travel by motorcycle, the Annual Pass It includes the access of two vehicles.

Is it worth buying the Annual Pass?

In this way, it is a matter of doing accounts considering the national parks you plan to visit.

In this way you can check if you are worth buying this tourist pass to use during your trip when visiting national parks.

Here you go Annual Pass information in Spanish, with its main features and frequently asked questions that can answer your questions.

National park tickets prices United States

In this regard, I remind you of ticket price (2018) of the most prominent national parks on the west coast, which includes a car and people traveling in it:

- Grand Canyon National Park of Colorado: 30 dollars

- Yellowstone National Park: 30 dollars

- Yosemite National Park: 30 dollars

- Bryce Canyon National Park: 30 dollars

- Zion National Park: 30 dollars

- Arches National Park: 25 dollars

He Annual Pass You can buy it directly at the ticket office of the first of the national parks that you are going to visit during your trip, although you can also make the purchase in advance on-line.

On its official website you can check the general information about the Annual Pass from the national parks of the United States.