Places of greatest interest to visit during the Seattle visit


Panoramic views of Seattle from the Space Needle tower

In our road trip through the United States, today was a day of "only" 330 kilometers.

We left Portland bound for Seattle, and as usual in recent days and in the next days, landscapes captivate our attention.

Huge forests, mountains and lakes dominate everything around us. All big, huge, clean and careful. Eternal.

Microsoft headquarters near Seattle in Washington state

We spent the whole morning on the road until noon, when we finally reached Seattle.

But before heading downtown downtown of the city, we decided to see the headquarters of the company Microsoft in Redmond, about 20 miles from downtown Seattle.

We parked the car in the visitor parking of Microsoft and we went to reception to ask if they could visit the offices.

The answer was that, obviously, no, and besides the receptionist looked at me with a big surprised face, as if thinking if I was crazy, drugged or drunk. Anyway, you had to try.

After so many years with a computer screen in front with the anagrams of Microsoft and Windows, you had to see it. It was a hobby of mine.

Space Needle Tower in Seattle in Washington State

Unable to enter, we decided to tour the exterior of the buildings. There were about 10 buildings, at least about five floors each. Nobody with a tie and if we could see from the outside the indications of what each building housed.

After 20 minutes of spinning, we headed to downtown Seattle.

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How is Seattle

Seattle It is the largest city in the Washington state (not to be confused with "Washington District of Columbia" or "Washington DC”At the other end of the country, which is the capital of the United States and we visited at the beginning of this trip).

The metropolitan area of ​​the city comprises the whole Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue.

Skyscrapers in downtown Seattle in Washington state

The city is located between the washington lake and the bay known as Puget Sound, next to the Pacific Ocean.

It is located 155 kilometers south of the border with Canada, and is an important cultural, educational and economic center of the region and the country.

It has a population of around 600,000 inhabitants.

The denomination of Seattle It is an Anglo-Saxon interpretation of the name Ce-Atl of the chief of the local tribes of native Indians.

Seattle It is also known as “Gateway to Alaska"(The door to Alaska),"Rain city”(The city of rain) and“Jet city“, Due to the influence of the multinationalBoeing, originally and founded in the city.

Monorail train in Seattle in Washington state


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This city also has a reputation as the homeland of grunge music, which is called the sound of Seattle, and of bands that drove that movement in the early 90s as NirvanaPearl jamSoundgarden andAlice in Chains.

As a curiosity. Seattle It is the hometown of the famous rock guitaristJimi Hendrix.

It is also famous for the large amount of coffee consumed, in addition to being originating here chains of coffee shops such asStarbucks and others less known by our country.

What to see and do in Seattle

The symbol and major tourist attraction of the city is theSpace needle (Space Needle), a telecommunications tower built in 1962 in the city center and inspired by the tower of Stuttgart, Germany.

It is a structure of 184 meters high.

Pike Place Market in Seattle in Washington State

Public Market Center

After parking the car, we have walked around the center downtown from Seattle, touring the fantastic Pike Place Market, better known as Public Market Centerwhere we have eaten in a buffet Very nice overlooking the sea.

We have visited the market and its surroundings, where you can see the wealth of the city, the civilization of human behaviors and the various stores of deli.

To highlight especially the Chinese shops selling flowers.

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Using flowers with really bright colors, they make really exceptional bouquets for their color and presentation.

We took several photos of these flower stands that really impacted us.

Space Needle Tower in Seattle

Space Needle Tower

In the rest of the city tour we have enjoyed a long coffee in a Starbucks, we have seen the monorail, and also the aforementioned communications tower Space needle, which we decided to upload the next day.

Here we tell you our experience of climb to the Seattle Space Needle Tower.

Behind thetower visit, we walk through the parks and gardens that surround it, where you can see various sculptures, setting up a well-maintained fairground, where also several exhibition palaces with original and futuristic shapes.

Seattle Monorail Train

We stood for a while in a huge fountain-spout, which you can access inside, and where there were many children playing and getting wet with the hot water emanating from the fountain.

Public Market Center in Seattle

We could also see themonorail elevated running and full of tourists. We do not ride.

Pionners Square

After taking the car again and parking it closer to the downtown, we took a long walk through various places in the city, includingPionners Square and the square that honors the Indian chief Seattle.

Seattle It is a city with street sculptures, many flowers, bars and restaurants with outdoor terraces, well organized, New York-type taxis and several limousines circulating.

As the origin city ofStarbucks, we see many coffees of this chain.

Skyscrapers in downtown Seattle

We decided to return toPublic Market, where we had been the day before, which was very lively.

We toured the entire market again, to admire the Chinese florists again, and to listen to singer-songwriters and some group ofgospel.

In one of the largest fishmongers in the market we saw an agglomeration of people and we approached to see what happened.

It was fun since there was a lady buying a fish at one end of the fish shop and the clerk, once the piece was selected, threw it hard through the air at another receiving clerk located about 8 meters, next to the box, as if It was an American football play.

This receiver, with a paper in his hand, received the fish in flight, wrapping it instantly in the paper. Funny. This is the case every time someone bought a fish.

Seattle downtown corner

After eating in the same barbuffet the day before and rest a while lying on the lawn of the gardens of the market, we went to find the car to travel the 200 kilometers that would take us toVancouverinCanada.

We leftSeattle with the feeling that it is a pleasant city to live, rich, varied of ethnicities and races, and with many cultural activities.

It is a city with very lively streets, as in Portland and San Francisco, and unlike Dallas, Yellow and PhoenixFor example, they were calmer.

At travel to Vancouver, the landscape again amazing. And already in Canada, more of the same in terms of landscapes.

We headed straight to the motel located about 25 miles from downtown Vancouver, where we were going to be a whopping 3 nights in a row, it was like a miracle !!

Seattle Photos

Here are more pictures of our visit to Seattle, in the northwest of the United States.