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Las Vegas Hotels

A trip along the west coast of the United States it will not be complete if you do not have the possibility of visit Las Vegas, in Nevada.

And yes to this great theme park What is it Las Vegas you do not find him attractive enough to visit it, I will remind you that this city becomes an intermediate stage in which it must be an essential visit: the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

Located in full Nevada state desert, in Las Vegas Do not expect to see buildings, historical monuments or beautiful natural landscapes in its surroundings.

Hotel Venice in Las Vegas

Actually this city is the largest world center of leisure and entertainment, and from our tourist perspective, a great and incredible theme park.

You may be tempted not to approach Las Vegas, given its null cultural value, and I understand it because this happened to me in my first travel through the western United States.

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Las Vegas, attractions in a theme park

But, honestly, having finally visited Las Vegas, I think it was well worth it, although it may bebiggest museum of extravagancethat you can see in the world and, in short, a whole Show American style

Given this, from my point of view you have to face your visit as when you go to a theme park where do you go through a succession of attractions.

Hotel Mandalay in Las Vegas

The truth is that on one of my trips, in which we left Los Angeles late and crossed themojave desert already at night, the arrival atLas Vegas It was brutal.

After many kilometers where you only see the classic American caravans in the middle of the desert in full darkness, suddenly you begin to see a spotlight on the horizon that almost dazzles, and right there, in the middle of the desert isLas Vegas.

If you travel in summer, thevisit to Las Vegas It is very conditioned by the temperature because it is asphyxiating during the day.

At night the temperature drops a little, not much, but it is the perfect time to tour the casinos; In winter it is something else, since it can cool a lot at night.

The Las Vegas city foundation dates back to 1905, its fame as a leisure center comes from 1941, when after the legalization of the game began to build hotels and casinos, the first of them, the flamingo.

Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

Since then, there are numerous hotels that have been built, to which more spectacular.

And all the leisure activity of the city has been linked to casinos and to the performances of the biggest music stars.

What to see and do during the Las Vegas visit

Then I will give you some tips to visit Las Vegas.

At the outset, to plan your trip you should know the road distances to Las Vegas from the main cities of the west coast.

Thus, this city of Nevada State is found at 446 kilometers from Los Angeles, which means just over four hours on a highway with very long straight lines, but with a lot of traffic, not only during the day, but also at night.

New York Hotel in Las Vegas


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This means that on specific days and times, the trip can take up to six hours.

And on the other hand, the distance from San Francisco to Las Vegas It is 925 kilometers, nine hours if you face the direct trip at a stretch.

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas It is a relatively small city, very easy to travel.

Your visit will focus on the long avenue known asLas Vegas Boulevard, and its main attraction is to know the succession of spectacular luxury casino hotels that are concentrated by the southern entrance of the city.

This tour is known as Las Vegas Strip

Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

What hotels to see in Las Vegas

Each of the Las Vegas hotels It offers numerous attractions for visitors, but I will highlight as a must, from south to north, the following hotels.

Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

First, theLuxor hotel with its incredible Egyptian pyramid shape, the emulation of the famous Sphinx of Gizeh, and with the arrangement of its rooms on the inner sides of said pyramid.

Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas

He hotel Excalibur, on the other hand, it is ideal especially if you travel with children, with a story decoration, quite childish.

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New York Hotel in Las Vegas

He hotel New York Due to its exterior design, it will lead you to think that you are staying in one of the Manhattan skyscrapers.

Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas

Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

AtParis hotel you will find outside the emulation of Parisian monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arch of Triumph, and in its interior, for its successful decoration, it will give you the feeling of strolling through the most charming streets and corners of the French capital.

Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas

On the other hand the hotel Bellagio is famous for himwater, light and sound show from its external sources, and you will recognize him as the protagonist of the film Ocean's eleven.

Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas

Hotel Venice in Las Vegas

He Venice hotel will surprise you with the emulation of the Campanile tower of San Marcos square and its spectacular streets interiors that emulate the Italian city, including a canal with gondolas.

Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas

For its part, the hotelCircus Circus It shows like a big circus tent.

Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas

And finally the Stratosphere hotel It is famous for its towering tower culminated with a small “amusement park”.

Hotel Venice in Las Vegas

The visit to the hotels located further south of Las Vegas Strip you can do it using a monorail train that unites some of them,

In this way you will avoid having to walk long distances under a sun that, in particular, in summer is really hellish.

Attractions and activities in Las Vegas

At night, it is a must to go to the fremont street, to the north of the city.

Freemont Street Experience

Specifically you must go to the area known as Fremont Street Experience, and this way you can enjoy audiovisual show Live Vision.

Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas

If you are passionate about the strongest attractions of a typical theme park, you can not miss the opportunity to go to the tower mentioned above Stratosphere hotel where you will find the highest attraction in the world, the Big shot.

For its part, in the New York Hotel you can enjoy its impressive roller coaster.

Other types of attractions that you will find in different hotels are, for example, the shark aquarium of the Mandalay Hotel, he Mirage hotel volcano, different Hotel Circus Circus attractions, wave wild Fauna, including lions, of Tropicana Hotel.

Las Vegas shows

The great shows They share the prominence with hotels and casinos, with performances by the world's most famous artists of music, magic, etc.

To highlight the permanent show that the famous Circus of the Sun It represents throughout the year in Las Vegas, a city that has become one of its fixed headquarters in the world.

Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

Here you can Check and buy tickets for the Circus of the Sun show in Las Vegas.

As I commented, from Las Vegas you will have the opportunity to make an essential excursion to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

If you have enough time on your trip, you can spend two or, better, three days, to take the Grand Canyon excursion by car.

If you go on a busy schedule, you have the alternative ofplane excursion,which is then combined with the Grand Canyon helicopter overflight.

This excursion is done in a single day, yes, with a good early morning, and with the exception that you visit the West rim from the Grand Canyon, which is not the main area where the most spectacular landscapes are.

Las Vegas shows

If you make the excursion to the Grand Canyon, you will have the opportunity to see the Great Hoover Dam, well from the road, as well as from the air if you opt for the plane.

Spanish tours in Las Vegas

Instead of visiting it on your own, you may want to join an organized group to meet her, or excursions around.

If so, here is information about Spanish tours in Las Vegas, with numerous and varied proposals.

Among these proposals you have to sign up for a Elvis wedding, tours to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, night walks, shopping tour in an outlet or tickets for the most outstanding shows.