Coast to Coast (121) - Walk through Ground Zero and Wall Street in New York


Works in the New York Zero Zone

Behind theFreedom Island visit and theImmigration museum, on Ellis Island, we return toBattery park, south of Manhattan, on this first full day atNew York, last stage of ourcoast to coast travel in the United States.

Strolling next to various painters' stalls offering their art, we walked towards the Zero zone, where the sadly famous ones were Twin Towers, which was how the World trade center.

The Twin Towers they were in the early 70's the tallest buildings in the world, until the construction of theWillis tower fromChicago.

The call colloquially Zero Zone in the future it will include five skyscrapers, crowned by the new World Trade Center, this time with the so-called Freedom Tower, 541 meters high. There will also be a memorial to the victims of September 11.

We visit the huge space that the towers have left and see how little by little this new complex is being built.

We enter a large building overlooking this Zero Zone called World financial center. It is a large urban complex that houses commercial areas, and many stairs and elevators to ascend to the offices of the many companies that have their headquarters in it.

World Financial Center next to the New York Zero Zone

There are also landscaped areas with palm trees inside, large stairways, permanent artistic exhibitions, etc ... It even has a marina on its maritime facade.

From here we could better appreciate the Zero Zone, and we saw that the new buildings are being built around the exact place where the two towers were, leaving these spaces for gardens and memorials of the victims.

We also asked if there was a memorial place in the present, and they said no, that when the anniversary or a special date is celebrated, an enclosure generally closed to the public is opened to the authorities. It really impresses to see the area knowing what happened.

Finally we eat in a good restaurant in this World financial center and we stroll through its great facilities.

After eating, we went out to kick the city, and headed to Wall street through narrow streets surrounded by towering buildings and low cathedrals and churches (comparatively speaking).

Wall Street is the name of a narrow New York street, which is considered the historic heart of the financial district, and is the main and permanent home of the NYSE.

New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street

The name of the street derives from the fact that, during the 17th century, it constituted the northern limit ofNew amsterdam. There the Dutch settlers built a wall of wood and mud in 1652. The wall meant a defense against the possible attack of the Indians Lenape, from the colonizers of New England and the British.

While this wall was torn down by the British in 1699, the name of the street continues to remind him.

On the other hand, at the end of the 18th century there was a tree, right at the foot of the wall, where financial intermediaries and speculators gathered to trade informally. This was the origin of the New York Stock Exchange.

We took the opportunity to walk around the area, take pictures of the building, small, compared to others nearby, which highlighted the huge American flag that almost completely covers the facade.

We also saw other prominent buildings, all in relation to the financial world and we also saw the famous Wall Street bull. Finally we decided to take the subway and cross under the Hudson River, to reach Brooklyn, our next stage in the New York visit.