Gloucester, the fishing port of The Perfect Storm


Gloucester Harbor in New England

Boston It is one of the last stages of our road trip through the United States and Canada.

But before visiting the historic city, we decided to approach Gloucester, place from where they depart sightseeing trips to see whales.

Offshore, about 25 miles, in the Atlantic Ocean, facing the coastal area of Boston, is known as Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary, a large feeding area for whales.

Since in this area they are usually easily seen from the end of May until October, in our trip we agree with the most recommended time of year to make this excursion.

Gloucester history

Gloucester it is a city of Cape ann, located 37 miles north of Boston. The population is about 35,000 inhabitants and is an important center of the fishing industry and a popular summer destination.

Gloucester in New England

This city has a long shipbuilding history, which dates back to 1713 when the first schooner was built.

Also became an important fishing port, largely due to its proximity to Georges Bank and other fishing banks on the east coast of New Scotland and Newfoundland.

He is also known for the various businesses related to seafood capture, but also, as an anecdote, in Gloucester the movie was filmed The perfect Storm from Wolfgang Petersen, with George Clooney as the protagonist

Monument to fishermen in Gloucester in New England

On the other hand, it maintains a strong Portuguese and Italian influence that is evident in the population, descendants of immigrants who arrived in the 19th century in search of work in their flourishing fishing industry.

In its history of over 350 years, Gloucester He has lost more than 10,000 fishermen in the Atlantic Ocean.

You can see the names of all those missing since a certain date written on a huge mural on the main staircase of the Town Hall, and also in a memorial memorial located on a promenade facing the sea.

In the port highlights the emblematic statue called The man at the wheel.

Commercial street in Gloucester in New England

At Gloucester walk We could see the characteristic architecture of their houses, which in many cases dates back to the time before the American revolution.

Once in Gloucester we head to the company's offices on the docks Cape Ann Whale Watch, one of those who organize the boat trips to see the whales.

There was no problem and we booked the two seats for the second departure of the day, at 1:30 p.m. The expected duration of the excursion was four hours.

Since it was 09:30 in the morning, we had four hours to get to know Gloucester.

Typical houses of Gloucester in New England


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With so much time ahead, we were able to make a very complete visit. As soon as the car was parked right in front of the beach, a lady who lived next door approached us with the usual Can i help you?

He kindly explained to us which were the most characteristic points of his Gloucester

We thanked him for the information, and headed for a large promenade in front of the beach full of American flags, where the memorials dedicated to deceased fishermen were.

The day was a movie, with lots of sun, very clear (which, if it didn't spoil, was ideal for whales) and with a special luminosity. On the promenade there was a natural harbor that was reached by a channel that crossed the beach and the street.

Drawbridge at Gloucester Harbor in New England

If the ship had masts or was high, a bridge would rise to let the boats through. By raising the bridge, the road was logically cut.

The bridge was really very old, with sophisticated machinery dating back to 1907, but we could see that it still worked very satisfactorily.

On the walk there was also a Vietnam Veterans Memorial and another dedicated to the women and children of fishermen.

Typical Gloucester fishing boat in New England

We then walk through several shopping streets, where stores sell very specific products of local crafts. All shops were peculiar and maintained a common aesthetic.

In sum, Gloucester is typical fishing village, with a lot of history, with beautiful and uniform wooden houses, with many seagulls on the docks and in the bay, very nice to walk around.

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